Modern Chinoiserie!

How was “Palm Beach Paradise” created?

Before I begin, I always assemble my inspiration for a piece. This color palette  was drawn from historic interiors, Chinoiserie wallpapers and photographs.

I started by laying in a bright cheerful background color after stretching each of the 3 panels. Each one is 72″ high with the center panel being 36″ wide and the end panels 24″ wide.

Here I’ve laid in the ground lines and basic silhouette shapes of the various trees and plants. Typical Chinoiserie style is asymmetrical, however I wanted some overall balance to begin with and allow it to “grow” wild as I moved forward.

After several layers of color are applied to the leaves I paint in hundreds of tedious tiny lines. I decided it was better to flip the canvas upside down to make it easier on me! Often I use scientific illustrations to inspire and teach me about the makeup of a particular plant.

I gather a LOT of reference when I do a large piece like this. These passionflower vines were SO lovely I just had to incorporate them. I wanted a vine to sort of link the panels together and create more of a wild jungle look. Here you can see me drawing out some of the blooms on paper before transferring them to the canvas. If you are interested in my reference inspiration you can visit my Pinterest board.

Of course I HAD to choose a cultivar of passionflower that has ridiculous detail!

This piece has MANY birds perched within its leaves and branches. I did my best to include mostly native living or extinct birds of the Palm Beach and/or Cuban habitat like the Cuban Red Macaw, the Cuban Land Snail, Cuban Tody. Here you can see Torch Ginger and a Hyacinthe Macaw.

The native Cuban Trogan of course had to be included. I couldn’t resist him capturing a little dragonfly.

So that’s how it was created! Thanks for following along. The original “Palm Beach Paradise has sold BUT Chairish is now offering prints. I can also create anything custom for you! Please contact me, Allison Cosmos with any questions you may have.