The classic earthy palette in these Chinoiserie works brings the outdoor forest into your home. Neutral color tones appeal to the nature lover. Birds and flowers found in the forest mingle inside each work of art.


“The Locals” chinoiserie monkey art print


The Natives poly wh gold reverse

“The Natives” monkey art print



“The Butterfly Effect” Chinoiserie art prints


social butterfly gold leaf gallery frame

“Social Butterfly” Chinoiserie art prints


The Last Butterfly

“The Last Butterfly” Chinoiserie art prints


nest level silver white poly float frame

“Take it to the Nest Level silver Chinoiserie art bird



“Without Feather Ado” silver Chinoiserie art, bird



“Without Feather Ado” Chinoiserie bird art print



“The Arrival” Chinoiserie peacock painting



“Look No Feather” Chinoiserie Bird Painting



“Take it to the Nest Level” Chinoiserie bird art print



“Knowledge is Flower” flower portrait painting


Open House gold leaf gallery float

“Open House” blue white chinoiserie birds



“Strictly for the Birds” parrot chinoiserie bird painting


Pheasants and Forest-12edited1

“Pheasants and Forest” chinoiserie art pheasants birds