Fun and Whimsical

Looking for something fun, whimsical and cheerful for your home? These delightful sometimes wild colors, animals and birds are ready to bring a smiles into your home. Brighter colors and fun colors are key to these modern Chinoiserie works of art.

“Macaw of the Wild” scarlet macaw parrot painting



“Macaw of the Wild” scarlet macaw parrot art



“My Finest Flower” African grey parrot art



“The Feather Forecast” parrot painting art



“Punch Punk Love” palm cockatoo painting



“Feather Let Me Go” parrot painting art

Feather Let Me Go poly wh gold reverse


“Gossip Swirl” yellow parrot painting art



“Cockatoo Hour” Major Mitchell Cockatoo painting art

Cockatoo Hour poly wh gold reverse


“In Perch of Excellence” yellow parrot parakeet art



“Happily Feather After” pink cockatoo parrot art



“The Locals” chinoiserie monkey art print



“The Natives” monkey art print

The Natives poly wh gold reverse


“Hound By Me” 2 greyhound statue art print

hound by me 2 gold leaf gallery float


“Hound By Me” 1 greyhound statue art print

Hound by me 1 gold leaf gallery float


“Smitten Pretty” II Chinoiserie Staffordshire dogs

Smitten Pretty 2 Gold leaf gallery float


“Smitten Pretty” I Chinoiserie Staffordshire dogs

Smitten Pretty 1 Gold leaf gallery float