Modern Chinoiserie

A fresh updated version of the classic Chinoiserie style. Dense composition, unique colors, exotic foliage, and stylized animals redefine the pieces as modern and extraordinary.

Nothing to Egret

Nothing to Egret by Allison Cosmos


Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day smaller


Toucan Play at That Game

Toucan Play at That Game small


Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle small


Open House

"Open House" by Allison Cosmos for Veranda


Pheasants and Forest

Pheasants and Forest-12edited1


A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me_v1


Strictly for the Birds

Strickly of the Birds_v1


The Early Bird

The Early Bird_v1


Bird of Passage

Bird of Passage_v1


A Peacock’s Paradise

Allison Cosmos - 2017-09-2610916-16


A Parrot’s Life for Me

Allison Cosmos - 2017-09-0710689-18


Adventures of the Palm Cockatoo

Allison Cosmos - 2017-09-0710687-20


Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Allison Cosmos


Galahs and Inflorescence



I Heard it Through the Jade Vine

I Heard it Through the Jade Vine Allison Cosmos