Modern Chinoiserie

A fresh updated version of the classic Chinoiserie style. Dense composition, unique colors, exotic foliage, and stylized animals redefine the pieces as modern and extraordinary.

Olivia’s Garden

Olivia's Garden Modern Chinoiserie by Allison Cosmos


Open House

"Open House" by Allison Cosmos for Veranda


Palm Beach Paradise

Palm Beach Cuban Paradise-46


Pheasants and Forest

Pheasants and Forest-12edited1


Quiet Garden



Sonoran Oasis

Sonoran Oasis Modern Chinoiserie art by Allison Cosmos


Southern Woodlands



Strictly for the Birds



The Early Bird



The Locals



The Natives

The Natives Modern Chinoiserie by Allison Cosmos


Tropical Dreams (diptych)

Tropical Dreams


Tropical Therapy

Tropical Therapy by artist Allison Cosmos