Modern Chinoiserie

A fresh updated version of the classic Chinoiserie style. Dense composition, unique colors, exotic foliage, and stylized animals redefine the pieces as modern and extraordinary.

Seaweed Fantasy Series, Modern Coastal Art



“Forever and a Day” Chinoiserie parrot macaw painting



“Hound By Me” Greyhound statue painting art



“The Plot Chickens” Grandmillenial, Farmhouse



“Beauty and the Beast” Chinoiserie Chic Tiger Painting

"Beauty and the Beast" Chinoiserie Chic Tiger Painting by Allison Cosmos


“Monkey Business” Chinoiserie Chic Monkey Painting

"Monkey Business" Modern Chinoiserie chic Art, Monkey Painting by Allison Cosmos


“Spot On”, Leopard Painting Big Cat Art

"Spot On", Leopard Painting Big Cat Art by Allison Cosmos


“The Mane Event”, Chinoiserie Chic Zebra Painting

"The Mane Event", Chinoiserie Chic Zebra Painting by Allison Cosmos


Toucan Play at That Game

Toucan Play at That Game small


“Cockatoo Hour” Major Mitchell Cockatoo painting art



“Feather Let Me Go” parrot painting art



“Happily Feather After” pink cockatoo parrot art



“In Perch of Excellence” yellow parrot parakeet art



“Punch Punk Love” palm cockatoo painting



“The Arrival” Chinoiserie peacock painting



“The Feather Forecast” parrot painting art