Modern Chinoiserie

A fresh updated version of the classic Chinoiserie style. Dense composition, unique colors, exotic foliage, and stylized animals redefine the pieces as modern and extraordinary.

social butterfly gold leaf gallery frame

“Social Butterfly” Chinoiserie art prints


The Last Butterfly

“The Last Butterfly” Chinoiserie art prints


nest level silver white poly float frame

“Take it to the Nest Level silver Chinoiserie art bird



“Without Feather Ado” silver Chinoiserie art, bird



“Without Feather Ado” Chinoiserie bird art print



“East, West, Home is the Best” pagoda Chinoiserie



“I’ve Never Been More Shore” Chinoiserie Birds print



“The Viner Things in Life” statue still life



“Hound By Me” Greyhound statue painting art



“The Arrival” Chinoiserie peacock painting



“Long Time No Sea” Coastal Birds, Chinoiserie Art print



“Take it to the Nest Level” Chinoiserie bird art print



“Social Nest Working” chinoiserie cherry blossom painting


Open House gold leaf gallery float

“Open House” blue white chinoiserie birds


Olivia's Garden Modern Chinoiserie by Allison Cosmos

Olivia’s Garden


A Vivid Meditation

A Vivid Meditation