Flowers and fauna of the tropical regions of the world and painted in a modern Chinoiserie art style! Collect colorful parrots, macaws and cockatoos that live among tropical blooms and palm trees. Originals and prints available.

Don't Be Koi by Allison Cosmos

“Don’t Be Koi” Koi pond painting, lily pads


Bali Ha'i Modern Chinoiserie painting by Allison Cosmos

“Bali Ha’i” tropical island landscape painting


bird passage wolf grey barnwood float

“Bird of Passage” jungle parrot Chinoiserie bird


A Little Bird Told Me_v1

“A Little Bird Told Me” tropical parrot painting



“Strictly for the Birds” parrot chinoiserie bird painting



“The Natives and the Locals” monkey painting


Tropical Therapy

“Tropical Therapy” parrot cockatoo painting



“My Mykonos Morning”, pelican art print


Bird of Paradise Allison Cosmos

“Bird of Paradise” Tropical parrot bird painting


I Heard it Through the Jade Vine Allison Cosmos

“I Heard it Through the Jade Vine” blue naped parrot, jade vine



A Tropical Menagerie


Allison Cosmos - 2017-09-0710689-18

A Parrot’s Life for Me


Allison Cosmos - 2017-09-2610916-16

A Peacock’s Paradise



Galahs and Inflorescence