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Jellyfish and Octopus paintings, Coastal art


Madame Butterfly


Seaweed Fantasy Series, Modern Coastal Art


Social Butterfly


The Butterfly Effect


The Last Butterfly


The Way of the Butterfly


“Forever and a Day” Chinoiserie parrot macaw painting


“The Plot Chickens” Grandmillenial, Farmhouse

"Beauty and the Beast" Chinoiserie Chic Tiger Painting by Allison Cosmos

“Beauty and the Beast” Chinoiserie Chic Tiger Painting

"Monkey Business" Modern Chinoiserie chic Art, Monkey Painting by Allison Cosmos

“Monkey Business” Chinoiserie Chic Monkey Painting

"Spot On", Leopard Painting Big Cat Art by Allison Cosmos

“Spot On”, Leopard Painting Big Cat Art

"The Mane Event", Chinoiserie Chic Zebra Painting by Allison Cosmos

“The Mane Event”, Chinoiserie Chic Zebra Painting


Toucan Play at That Game


Welcome to the Jungle


Open House