• Moroccan painted table
  • Elle Decor features gold abstract paintings by Allison Cosmos
  • Chinoiserie mural
  • Cherry blossom mural on smoky metallic background
  • Hand painted front door
  • Sumi-e inspired abstract artworks

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Featured projects

Mural of cherry blossom branches on a smoky metallic background

Cherry blossom mural on smoky metallic background

Maitland Smith commissioned me to paint one of their feature entrance walls for the Spring High Point Furniture Market. Coral colored cherry blossoms bloom on cascading branches from the ceiling. The wall was first painted with Modern Masters “Smoke”. You can see here some of the details and brushstrokes that loosely define each blossom. Bits of black pop the […]

Elle Decor May 2015 Megan Winters

Elle Decor features gold abstract paintings by Allison Cosmos

Interior Designer Megan Winter’s breathtaking home was published in Elle Decor’s May 2015 issue. She commissioned me to create two gold and white paintings which flank the gorgeous window and elegant sunburst clock. Before leaving my studio, I took this quick shot of the diptych before shipping it off. Here you can really see how […]

Chinoiserie Landscape Mural by artist Allison Cosmos

Chinoiserie mural

Chicago interior designer Summer Thornton and her client commissioned this panoramic Chinoiserie style mural for a gorgeous dining room in a historic Wilmette home. It took one month to complete.

furniture by Allison Cosmos

Moroccan painted table

The intricate details of Moroccan design wrap around all sides of this little side table.

painted front door design by Allison Cosmos

Hand painted front door

This is the stunning front entrance to interior designer Marjorie Skouras‘s home. She commissioned me to create a modern damask inspired design from a Clarence House fabric she loved. It was painted on a traditional paneled door, ignoring the raised and recessed architecture. The design was not stenciled but hand painted on the coral background […]

Zen art by Allison Cosmos

Sumi-e inspired abstract artworks

These simple black on white calligraphic brushstrokes cover the walls of designer Megan Winter’s home study. They are each 8″ X 12″. The style of Sumi-e calligraphy inspired these pieces. Sumi-e is the Japanese art of black ink on white paper. In this case, I used a canvas paper and paint, not ink. These works […]