Relax and escape to the beach with art in your own home. Enjoy art prints or original art with elegant herons, egrets, pelicans, flamingos and other coastal birds. You’ll appreciate gorgeous feather details painted in a modern Chinoiserie style. Prints and originals available.


“Long Time No Sea” Coastal Birds, Chinoiserie painting



“I’ve Never Been More Shore” Chinoiserie Birds painting



“More Than Birds” Chinoiserie egret heron triptych



“The Coast is Clear” blue Chinoiserie coastal painting



“I Pink We’re Alone Now” Spoonbill painting, Chinoiserie painting



I Pink I Love You” pink flamingo Chinoiserie painting



“The Wading Season”, Coastal Chinoiserie Tricolored Heron painting



“Wading for You”, Coastal Chinoiserie Blue Heron painting



“The Viner Things in Life” statue still life



Seaweed Fantasy Series, Modern Coastal Art



“Swan and Only” Blue and White Forever Chinoiserie Painting



“Coral Reef” triptych, coastal art underwater painting



Jellyfish and Octopus paintings, Coastal art



“Nothing to Egret” coastal bird painting


Don't Be Koi by Allison Cosmos

“Don’t Be Koi” Koi pond painting, lily pads


Bali Ha'i Modern Chinoiserie painting by Allison Cosmos

“Bali Ha’i” tropical island landscape painting


A Little Bird Told Me_v1

“A Little Bird Told Me” tropical parrot painting



“The Natives and the Locals” monkey painting


Tropical Therapy

“Tropical Therapy” parrot cockatoo painting


I Heard it Through the Jade Vine Allison Cosmos

“I Heard it Through the Jade Vine” blue naped parrot, jade vine