Palm Beach Paradise

Surf and Sea Abstract

Recently, a longtime client and now dear friend of 15 years, bravely transitioned from a traditional home to a modern one in Manhattan Beach. When they bought the home, this very large 12 foot green monstrosity was hanging in the foyer (vertically). They had the brilliant idea to up-cycle it and of course I was up for the challenge.

“Volcanic Activity” Abstract in Copper Leaf and Verdigris

Recently I completed this large abstract.  I had quite a “conversation” with this piece and I enjoyed it so much that it was hard to stop and say “FINISHED”! But alas here it is and I’ll share with you some of the details and process.

Zen Inspired Calligraphy Artworks

Occasionally I enjoy creating something with pure simplicity. I LOVE detail and I love doing layered abstracts, but every once in a while I like making these simple calligraphy style works of art.