The classic earthy palette in these Chinoiserie works brings the outdoor forest into your home. Neutral color tones appeal to the nature lover. Birds and flowers found in the forest mingle inside each work of art.


“Take it to the Nest Level” Chinoiserie bird painting



“Without Feather Ado” Chinoiserie bird painting



“Southern Woodlands” forest trees original painting



“Mountain Time” scenic mountain landscape painting



“The Arrival” Chinoiserie peacock painting



“Look No Feather” Chinoiserie Bird Painting



“Knowledge is Flower” flower portrait painting



“Owl You Need is Love” Owl painting



“Strictly for the Birds” parrot chinoiserie bird painting


A set of three "Pheasants and Forest" chinoiserie panels featuring pheasants and birds, with a particular focus on pheasants.

“Pheasants and Forest” chinoiserie art pheasants birds