Modern Chinoiserie

A "Take it to the Nest Level" silver Chinoiserie art bird painting of birds and flowers on a tree.

“Take it to the Nest Level silver Chinoiserie art bird



“Without Feather Ado” silver Chinoiserie art, bird



“Without Feather Ado” Chinoiserie bird art print



“East, West, Home is the Best” pagoda Chinoiserie


A "We're All in the Same Boat" Chinoiserie boat painting with flowers in a blue frame.

“We’re All in the Same Boat” Chinoiserie boat



“Vine and Dandy” Hyacinth Macaw parrot art print



“I’m Your Biggest Fan” Blue and White Chinoiserie



“Take it to the Nest Level” Chinoiserie bird art print


A painting with birds and flowers in a cage.

“Open House” blue white chinoiserie birds


A set of three "New England Harbor" chinoiserie art prints featuring trees and birds in a harbor setting.

“New England Harbor” chinoiserie art print


A "Quiet Garden II, Chinoiserie panels" painting depicting a tree adorned with delicate blue flowers and accompanied by a graceful butterfly, reminiscent of enchanting garden scenes.

“Quiet Garden II, Chinoiserie panels