Modern Chinoiserie

A fresh updated version of the classic Chinoiserie style. Dense composition, unique colors, exotic foliage, and stylized animals redefine the pieces as modern and extraordinary.


“The Arrival” Chinoiserie peacock painting



“Swan and Only” Blue and White Forever Chinoiserie Painting



“The Plot Chickens” Grandmillenial, Farmhouse



“Social Nest Working” chinoiserie cherry blossom painting



“Knowledge is Flower” flower portrait painting


A stunning "Don't Be Koi" Koi pond painting that beautifully captures the elegance of koi fish gracefully swimming amongst vibrant lily pads.

“Don’t Be Koi” Koi pond painting, lily pads


Bali Ha'i Modern Chinoiserie painting by Allison Cosmos

“Bali Ha’i” tropical island landscape painting


An original painting of birds and flowers on a tree, perfect for jungle enthusiasts and art collectors, Olivia's Garden.

Olivia’s Garden


An affordable Vivid Meditation featuring a peacock against a yellow background.

A Vivid Meditation


A jungalow-style painting of a Cockatoo Party perched on a branch.

Cockatoo Party


Two Tropical Dreams (diptych) of black and gold flowers and butterflies.

Tropical Dreams (diptych)


A set of three "Pheasants and Forest" chinoiserie panels featuring pheasants and birds, with a particular focus on pheasants.

“Pheasants and Forest” chinoiserie art pheasants birds


A Jungle Gathering, featuring jungle birds and flowers, perfect for any art collector.

A Jungle Gathering


Three panels with "Palm Beach Paradise" tropical Chinoiserie in the background.

“Palm Beach Paradise” tropical Chinoiserie