Fun and Whimsical

Looking for something fun, whimsical and cheerful for your home? These delightful sometimes wild colors, animals and birds are ready to bring a smiles into your home. Brighter colors and fun colors are key to these modern Chinoiserie works of art.


“Feather Let Me Go” parrot painting art



Seaweed Fantasy Series, Modern Coastal Art



“Swan and Only” Blue and White Forever Chinoiserie Painting



Jellyfish and Octopus paintings, Coastal art


"Spot On", Leopard Painting Big Cat Art by Allison Cosmos

“Spot On”, Leopard Painting Big Cat Art


"Monkey Business" Modern Chinoiserie chic Art, Monkey Painting by Allison Cosmos

“Monkey Business” Chinoiserie Chic Monkey Painting


"The Mane Event", Chinoiserie Chic Zebra Painting by Allison Cosmos

“The Mane Event”, Chinoiserie Chic Zebra Painting


"Beauty and the Beast" Chinoiserie Chic Tiger Painting by Allison Cosmos

“Beauty and the Beast” Chinoiserie Chic Tiger Painting



“The Plot Chickens” Grandmillenial, Farmhouse



“Knowledge is Flower” flower portrait painting


Sonoran Oasis Modern Chinoiserie art by Allison Cosmos

“Sonoran Oasis” desert cactus art



“The Natives and the Locals” monkey painting


Tropical Therapy

“Tropical Therapy” parrot cockatoo painting


Bird of Paradise Allison Cosmos

“Bird of Paradise” Tropical parrot bird painting


I Heard it Through the Jade Vine Allison Cosmos

“I Heard it Through the Jade Vine” blue naped parrot, jade vine


Allison Cosmos - 2017-09-0710689-18

“A Parrot’s Life for Me” parrot orchid art painting